It was a great pleasure to premiere “Never there. Talking to Macbeth” the last 10th of November in Pamplona with Colectivo E_7.2 crew. We had a very busy day but the final result worth it.

The recital was all around Gayarre Theatre but not in the usual stage of a theatre. It began in the principal hall and happened around the whole rooms, corridors and stairs of the building. In addition, there were, apart from premieres and live performances, sound actions and installations.

My piece was placed in a corner of the second floor of the theatre, next to a sound installation by Mikel Arze (Ikersoniua). It was played together with a live-working video by Leandro Suarez and the scenography by Pablo Ramos.

I am very happy with the performance and glad after meeting Colectivo E_7.2 crew. I must thank Juan José Eslava (composer and manager of E_7.2) for this opportunity.

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