He is Emilio Lledó Iñigo, the spanish writer and philosopher. I have the Emilio-Lledo-EFE_ARAIMA20141118_0170_1honor to say that my work “They are not talking about us” is based on some os his texts.

Emilio Lledó has recently been awarded with several prizes; I chose his texts before I knew he was such an important writer. Usually, when I work with text, I ask advice to my father; in this case, he recommended me Lledó’s articles. Finally, after conversations with don Emilio, I decided to make my own text with fragments of his articles.

In this case, his texts talk about different situations of communication, in a political and social context. How do we react to a lie, talking without a listener, the censure,…

“Cuando una sociedad acaba sin saber que está instalada en la mentira es una sociedad muerta”

(When a society doesn’t know it is based in a lie, this society is dead)

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