If you see older posts you will notice that singing is something that I keep very strong inside; maybe one of the main things that purely describe myself. One of my teachers told me once that I am a composer-singer; and truly the composer-half doesn’t exist if the singer-half not too (and vice versa).

Yesterday I sang my last concert with the choir if been part this last four years: Csma’s Chamber Choir. Not the last piece I will sing with them but it was the last full-concert experience. We sang Spanish renaissance music (Victoria, Guerrero) and English renaissance and baroche (Byrd, Bennet, Purcell); beautiful and master pieces that really touch every centimeter of your skin.

I couldn’t help but writing something about my lovely choir.

You have been an essential part of my composing life. I love your voices and I have enjoyed how you perform my ideas. I am absolutely proud of what we have done together but -if possible- more proud of what you have taught me as a composer. But, as a “singer”, as a colleague, as a friend, I felt I have been part of a family, (of our school of fish) and this is something I will never forget.

I told you my first rehearsal was on my 18th birthday. You have been the best present.

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