After four busy and crazy years studying in Csma (Superior Conservatory of Music of Aragón), yesterday I took my last concert. It was what in Spanish is called “Recital de fin de grado”, and it consists on a Portrait Concert of 1 hour in which every student has to manage to get his performances. I had the pleasure to share this experience with my mate Pablo Andoni Gómez Olabarría, who had his final concert too last afternoon.

In this concert I presented:

-Slow motions (brief piece for String quartet, premiere in Zaragoza)

-Never There – Talking to Macbeth (for oboe d’Amore, premiere in Zaragoza, performed by Pilar Fontalba)

-Last night I was listening (for large ensemble, second performance)

-Aún dormimos – jo canto, canto amb ells (for choir and electronics, premiere in Zaragoza)

I am very happy with the result, and I can only say thanks a million times to all the people who performed in the recital.

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