Today, the 30th of November, three months have passed since I moved to Etopia. In addition, one year ago I had one of the biggest premiers of my short career –”They are not talking about us”. I think it is a good day to talk about Etopia experience, being in residence and how my life and creative process is changing.

One year ago I was a Conservatory student who mainly cared about her Conservatory life and work. The most important things I had to do were involved to Conservatory. Now my life is between my job –being a music theory and vocals teacher– and my music. And thankfully my music is supported by Fuga here in Etopia.

I cannot say a bad work about being in Residence. I think that to have the possibility to only focus in your music convined with having a place in which you can show it is mainly what young artists need; it surely brings you the possibility of creating without any trouble.

There is one aspect of Etopia that it’s truely interesting to me: Etopia is not only an artistic residence. It is a Center for arts and technology in with so many things and people are involved. Apart from the huge building and all the technique characteristics, I’ve met lots of interesting people and really different from my area while being here. In my opinion that thing makes you grow up as an artist.

I am really excited about all the stuff going on this month, take care!


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