2016 is about to end. I don’t feel like doing an year review, but I want to share the experience of last month in Etopia.

On December 1st John Bence and Ashley Paul –and of course Ben and lovely Cora– arrived to Etopia. After three months almost alone I was sharing the residence with other musicians. Sadly, they leaved on the 22nd of December after some great days together.

I could –I had the honour to– be involved in their work and performance during the residence. As you can see in older posts, I sang in John’s performance; I already knew him from last year, as he came to have a longer residence in Etopia and I had the opportunity to collaborate in this work. It was interesting to see how his music is moving to other sides and to be able to listen to his new record.

I participated also in one of Ashley’s recordings. Ashley was working this time with local musicians who played some improvisations; she recorded their performances and that finally could remain as one of the layers of each of her pieces. I found really refreshing how Ashley talk about mistake and the unperfection in music playing and how that is an interesting topic for her in music.

As I wrote some days ago, I am so happy to meet different artists and to be able to share our points of view. It is a really powerful way for me to learn and grow up.

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