I was in Segovia last weekend having a super nice time with some musicians there. Long ago, a professor of the Professional Conservatory of Music there texted me asking the permission to perform my work “They are not talking about us” with an Ensemble of students and professors. My first reaction was that he was completely mad, manly because it’s not a long piece and it’s really difficult to join all the people and characteristics of the work together. In Segovia I realised that he is not crazy, he is only that kind of professor that like risks, and no mather if it needs too much effort, he will do it.

So I had the pleasure to gave a talk to the music students of Segovia’s Professional Conservatory about the work, about being a young female composer, and I tried to answer all the questions they had about becoming a musician and composing. A curious think to say is that all the students there couldn’t believe that I was a young person, not a professor or something. It was nice to break the idea that only “old” people write music. Also it was nice to listen again my piece, in a totally different version, and to see how my music was motivating them so much and making them happy. Actually, nowadays I would not write “They are not talking about us” that way, I would change a lot. But I was such a present to revive the piece.


So thank you so much, Vicente, Ensemble TMC and Mónica! Such a pleasure! and… the next 20th they are performing again in Salamanca! (:

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