I moved to Etopia Residence the 30th of August. So it’s been almost 10 months living here!

This is the first year in my life in which I am not officially enrolled in an Academic institution. I am finishing my Bachelor thou, but still only writing the “thesis” so, it has not been a proper year of going to lessons and doing “school work”. At first it was weird. I changed my daily schedule of lessons to my job working timetable. Also I had my project  – my big project! I needed quite long to get used to this new daily life.

Additionally it has been the first time in my life in which I can work in a project for that long. During the Bachelor I was used to compose pieces in about one or three months maximum. So, when I started working on “Epénthesis” I felt I had an entire life to develop something. When you usually write music that briefly, it is weird to change the habits and start a new working routine. In this case I mostly changed the fact that I always have to take fast decisions and I can’t review the score as much as I would like, so sometimes it’s not easy to try new things.

“Epénthesis” was completely different. I decided to do something which I have never done before properly. So the first months were basically looking for influences, for inspirations, getting used to this new format. That something that I couldn’t do in the past, and I really enjoyed doing in this project.

I also enjoyed and got nervous (almost at the same time ahahah) with the fact that I was a beginner in filmmaking. I had help, I co-worked with an audiovisual maker, but I was the director and the sound designer of the film, so it was my full responsibility! I had a lot of moments the sensation that I was doing something completely wrong, that it wasn’t my field… But I am pretty convinced and happy with the result, and I think I’ve discovered a new world in which, for sure, I want to keep working.

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