After a very long process, which started on November 2017, the adventure in Liedberg is now over.

I had the pleasure to compose and premiere a piece in AvantGarten Festival in Liedberg (Germany) the last 9th of September. I decided to do for this really special venue a performatic piece for water cans (that were sometimes not sounding as normal water cans!). It was a really good experience because I feel as a young composition student there are sometimes not a lot of opportunities to show some experimental music outside the normal concert situation. And AvantGarten definitely was one.

As always I want to thank to my performers Ana Belén Ruales, Veronika Paleeva and Pablo Fernández their amazing work and trust in my ideas. And also I must mention Brita Heizman and John, the organisers of the festival, for their absolutely amazing and kind work.

If you are in Germany in September 2019, you must go to Liedberg!

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