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“Just Living Matter” pictures

It was really intensive and, like always, now it’s over. I am really proud of being part of “Just Living Matter” and of what happened on Saturday 29th in our premiere. It was a really really crazy intensive work but when you are on the stage with the right people, nothing wrong can happen. I […]


I am currently working in the music of two amazing dancers, which I will perform on Saturday 29th in live electronics (for very first time in my life). Very excited! TanzFaktur is a great place 🙂

AvantGarten Liedberg 2018

After a very long process, which started on November 2017, the adventure in Liedberg is now over. I had the pleasure to compose and premiere a piece in AvantGarten Festival in Liedberg (Germany) the last 9th of September. I decided to do for this really special venue a performatic piece for water cans (that were […]

Primera Palabra

I am very happy to share the live recording of Primera Palabra. About forgiveness after Ashley’s words performed by the members of Ensemble TMC in Segovia, last 9th of March. Thank you very much, Rodrigo, Andrés and Santiago! You can find it here!