September means for me always work, and I am happy to be working –for the moment silently– in two big projects:

–On December 17th Kai Wessel will sing a new commissioned piece by me in HfMT-Köln based on a Barocke Cantata.

–On May 2020 my first opera will be premiered! A commission from Theater Bielefeld about the climate change !

so workworkwork. it seems it will be a year with a lot of voices!

“New-Beethoven” Chorbuch

On this summer I worked on a new piece for Female Choir, for the new book “Chorbuch Beethoven”, which will be released next year due to Beethoven’s 250 anniversary.

In this book you will find some new pieces for Choir written by different composers, but all inspired in one of Beethoven’s Lieder. My piece is my own version of the Lied “an die Hoffnung” (Op. 32). It is a big pleasure to take part of this project and I am very thankful to Chorakademie Dortmund for the invitation!

Intensive working in Espai sense títol

This week Alba Font and I were working intensively in l’Atlàntida Vic in our project Espai sense títol. The project consist in a interactive video walk throw these amazing building where I also have a lot of memories from my first musical education.

We are very thankful to the Scholarship Beca de Creació Artística Ciutat de Vic, and looking forward to the premiere in Spring 2020.

“Unterweisung im Singen” – HfMT Köln + Musikfabrik

Rehearsing a piece is always something exciting, but I must admit this week with Musikfabrik I had one of my best rehearsal-experiences of my life! It’s just amazing to work with these incredible musicians with also so a nice work-flow and mood to play new music of students.

I am very looking forward to Adventure #1, the first concert of a collaboration between Institut für neue Musik and Ensemble Musikfabrik in Köln, where my piece “Unterweisung im Singen – Bearbeitung des gleichnamigen Texte von Julio Cortázar” will be performed by Musikfabrik and the Soprano Elena Plaza.

Graduated and starting again

I am almost graduated of my Master in Instrumental Composition in the HfMT-Köln…

…but I’ve been also official accepted to study a second Master in Electronic Music by Michael Beil!

So it’s very nice to know I’ll stay a bit more in this wonderful place full of opportunities 🙂

Next Concert – Acht Brücken 2019

Excited to take part again in Acht Brücken Festival in Cologne. In this edition I have a premiere of a new piece for trio (Baritone Saxophone, Cello and Percussion) performed in a very special venue: a boat!

Captura de pantalla 2019-04-22 a la(s) 11.49.28

I am very thankful to Duoni Liu, curator of the project, to let me take part of such an adventure. My piece “algo sobre el gris” will be performed together with pieces from composers Jonah Haven, Pablo Garretón, Duoni Liu, Sergej Maingardt, Mazyar Kashian, Jakob Lorenz and Hannah Choi. Our great performers are Álvaro Arias (Sax.), Elio Herrera (Vc.) and Ramón Gardena (Perc.). We are all giving a different perspective to the Thema of this year’s festival: the city / Großstadt Polyphonie.

You can find more info and buy the tickets here: