Home for Christmas

Closing the year, waiting for the quietness of my town, I am flying today again to Spain (after this Deutsche Bahn trip hehe). 2018 was intense, REALLY intense! So it’s worthy to take now a break to fly again back with my energy bar full.


I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year 🙂

Lost in Shadows – Ashley Paul

On December 2016, during my residency in “Etopia” (Zaragoza), I had the pleasure to participate in a percussion improvisation group for the recording of the new CD from Ashley Paul, which was released at the begginig of this month. It’s called “Lost in Shadows” and you can find it here:


It’s always a pleasure to meet all kind of artists like Ashley that open your mind and make you do new things (:

Get Together 2018

I am very happy and honoured to say I am invited to attend to the next “Get Together” Workshop of Southampton University (UK).

I am very excited and looking forward! Good news in a very busy month!

Happy new year!

Huge changes started three months ago in my “composer” life, and I feel 2018 will be a year for growing.

algo sobre un cuerpo

[from Klassenkonzert, reading an introduction to “algo sobre un cuerpo”, 15.12, Köln]

Happy new year!

Ich wünsche euch einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr! (: