“Primera Palabra” – III European Meeting of Contemporary Percussion

I am extremely happy that my piece “Primera Palabra” is played again (for the fourth time now, and the third Ensemble), this time on Xàbia, being a winner of the Call for Works of the III European Meeting of Contemporary Percussion.

Very looking forward to the concert on the 14th of July 🙂



“Just Living Matter” pictures

It was really intensive and, like always, now it’s over.

I am really proud of being part of “Just Living Matter” and of what happened on Saturday 29th in our premiere. It was a really really crazy intensive work but when you are on the stage with the right people, nothing wrong can happen.

I am willing to perform again with Just Living Matter team 🙂

Greta Salgado and Amanda Romero, performing, dance and concept

Ian Widmer, lights

Helena Cánovas, live electronics

Marcos Angeloti, pictures