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Klassenabend n. 3

The next Tuesday 4th of December I am presenting my piece “Monólogo”, composed in Zaragoza in 2015. It’s a “voice study” for spoken voice, and it will be performed by Núria Vinyals Rovira and myself. Very excited! Komm vorbei! Advertisements

30th June – FUGA Concert

Yesterday, the 30th, it was in my last event of FUGA as a resident. I performed in Zaragoza with Scuola de l’Anima, sang one Flecha’s Ensalada, as my mates Pyur (Sophie Schnell), Fis (Oliver Peryman), SLT (Santiago Latorre) and Kyoka performed their music. Nice night, lovely people, I can’t believe this is ending… Some pictures […]

Performing Ansien

The next Thursday 15th I will be performing “Ansien” by John Bence in Etopia. “Ansien” is a piece for baritone soloist and choir and Bence composed it last year during his residence in Etopia. We will perform the piece in a room near the Sound Lab which has a special acoustics needed for Bence’s work. […]

Easter concert

Last Thursday the 24th of March Scuola de l’Anima sang in Vic, during the Religious Music Festival. It was a nice concert in the Modernist church of l’Escorial; I was happy to see friends and family around the audience. Here you can read about the festival: We sang renaissance and baroque music from England, Germany and Spain. […]

“Things I keep”

If you see older posts you will notice that singing is something that I keep very strong inside; maybe one of the main things that purely describe myself. One of my teachers told me once that I am a composer-singer; and truly the composer-half doesn’t exist if the singer-half not too (and vice versa). Yesterday […]