Happy new year!

Huge changes started three months ago in my “composer” life, and I feel 2018 will be a year for growing.

algo sobre un cuerpo

[from Klassenkonzert, reading an introduction to “algo sobre un cuerpo”, 15.12, Köln]

Happy new year!

Ich wünsche euch einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr! (:



Tomorrow at 19:30 my new piece for String quartet “algo sobre un cuerpo” will be premiered in Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln.

It will be played along with pieces of my coleagues. Looking forward to this first concert in HfMT Köln! (:


After the summer break (and loads of hours studying german) I am happy to say I’ve moved to Köln to begin a Master in Instrumental Composition with Prof. Markus Hechtle in Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln



Köln is beautiful! Come to visit!

See you soon, Etopia! – 245 days

It’s hard to believe how time goes that fast when you are in a good place. Etopia, the spaceship in the middle of the desert, the hospital, has been my home for ten months. And now it’s time to move.

I’ve said a hundred times how good has been to be there as a resident. One of the bests things of the year has been, for sure, every new person I’ve discovered due to Etopia. I have no words to say how grateful I feel. I’ll keep with me forever Etopia and all of you. Gracias. Mi casa es tu casa.

30th June – FUGA Concert

Yesterday, the 30th, it was in my last event of FUGA as a resident. I performed in Zaragoza with Scuola de l’Anima, sang one Flecha’s Ensalada, as my mates Pyur (Sophie Schnell), Fis (Oliver Peryman), SLT (Santiago Latorre) and Kyoka performed their music. Nice night, lovely people, I can’t believe this is ending…

Some pictures by Julián Fallas.


Trayectos – Abrazos!

I have recently worked for Trayectos – Danza en paisajes urbanos –one of the festivals in Spain awarded with the EFFE label– composing the music of the dance “tutorial” of this year . In the current edition of the festival, the tutorial was the words by the catalan choreographer Cesc Gelabert, which were: “No hay coreografía más importante que un abrazo” (there’s no choreography as important as a hug).

The premiere will be on Sunday 25th in Teatro Principal (Zaragoza). Looking forward!!


New ways of learning

I moved to Etopia Residence the 30th of August. So it’s been almost 10 months living here!

This is the first year in my life in which I am not officially enrolled in an Academic institution. I am finishing my Bachelor thou, but still only writing the “thesis” so, it has not been a proper year of going to lessons and doing “school work”. At first it was weird. I changed my daily schedule of lessons to my job working timetable. Also I had my project  – my big project! I needed quite long to get used to this new daily life.

Additionally it has been the first time in my life in which I can work in a project for that long. During the Bachelor I was used to compose pieces in about one or three months maximum. So, when I started working on “Epénthesis” I felt I had an entire life to develop something. When you usually write music that briefly, it is weird to change the habits and start a new working routine. In this case I mostly changed the fact that I always have to take fast decisions and I can’t review the score as much as I would like, so sometimes it’s not easy to try new things.

“Epénthesis” was completely different. I decided to do something which I have never done before properly. So the first months were basically looking for influences, for inspirations, getting used to this new format. That something that I couldn’t do in the past, and I really enjoyed doing in this project.

I also enjoyed and got nervous (almost at the same time ahahah) with the fact that I was a beginner in filmmaking. I had help, I co-worked with an audiovisual maker, but I was the director and the sound designer of the film, so it was my full responsibility! I had a lot of moments the sensation that I was doing something completely wrong, that it wasn’t my field… But I am pretty convinced and happy with the result, and I think I’ve discovered a new world in which, for sure, I want to keep working.