with Charlotte – All days for future

Some months without concerts but months writing a lot for music.

Last week on Tuesday the 11th we went to Bielefeld to do a Try Out of some parts of our Chamber Operas with the singers. I am glad to work with Charlotte de Montcassin starring Greta Thunberg’s character.

Captura de pantalla 2020-02-19 a la(s) 12.52.16

I am still not used to the Try-out idea –it is something I never did in Spain. It feels sometimes weird to show part of your score when you are on the middle of the composition process. But last week it was very useful to work with Charlotte and get closer to her voice and personality, and I could get a very near impression of the music that for the moment is still “on paper”. It was definitely a very nice experience to work with Charlotte and not only to listen to her wonderful voice so also to share our points of view about the character and the libretto.

Looking forward to May 26th!

Projects in 2020

A review of my next projects in 2020:

–January and February // I am recording a Video for Dirk Wietheger’s “Tango”

–4th April // New piece for Ensemble2021 premiered in From Neue Musik Festival of Deutschlandfunk in Cologne

–1st May // I premiere together with Alba Font Villar “Espai sense Títol” in Atlàntida Theatre in Vic

–26th May // my first chamber opera will be premiered! A commission from Theater Bielefeld about the climate change!

–13th June // from February to June I will coach a group of 15 young Women to compose a whole evening of Music based on Beethoven’s Eleanor Prochaska. 13th of June is premiere!

–6th of September // Liedberg Festival! First edition as Artistic Director!


Premiere coming!

On the next Tuesday I will have the pleasure to listen and see the Countertenor Kai Wessel perfuming my new piece “corpo senza voce. voce senza corpo”.


HfMT-Köln – Konzertsaal – 19:30h

It is the first piece I compose since I am in the Master of Electronic Music Composition and, of course, electronics are very present in the piece. In this case I use amplified voice, 4-Chanel Electronics and Video.


The piece has been commissioned by Kai Wessel to the Studio für Elektronische Musik, and will be premiered together with pieces of my colleagues Dariya Maminova and Benjamin Grau, and also a marvelous Cantata from Marcello. The concert is part of the “Spizentöne” Series that Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln organizes.