New Recording

After quite a long time I am very happy to share the recording of the premiere of “i em trobo a mi mateixa caminant entre la boira”.

You can find it here!


Premiere!! – Acht Brücken Festival

After an intense week of rehearshals came the last 1st of May the first performance of my piece “i em trobo a mi mateixa caminant entre la boira”.

The piece is such a personal an intimate sound-landscape of my memories of the place I where was born, and where I grew up until I was 17. I hear the bells, the people walking, and “the nothing”, the silence, sometimes peaceful and sometimes sad.

“i em trobo a mi mateixa caminant entre la boira” has been part of fa project from Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln in which I had the pleasure to write for Wind Ensemble ( and premiere the piece together with my very good friend Dariya Maminova. The premiere was into “Acht Brücken” Music Festival of New Music here in Köln– which is a quite young Festival with very very interesting concerts and collaborations.

I am very glad for everything that is happening in my new city and now… starting to work on the new piece!!


Lost in Shadows – Ashley Paul

On December 2016, during my residency in “Etopia” (Zaragoza), I had the pleasure to participate in a percussion improvisation group for the recording of the new CD from Ashley Paul, which was released at the begginig of this month. It’s called “Lost in Shadows” and you can find it here:

It’s always a pleasure to meet all kind of artists like Ashley that open your mind and make you do new things (:

31th in “El Escorial” (Madrid)

The next 31st of March Neopercusión will be performing again “Primera Palabra” in El Escorial (Madrid). This time the piece will be again played in the whole cycle of “Septem Verba”, together with composers such as Sergio Coté or Alicia Lázaro.

Primera Palabra in Segovia

The next 9th of March “Primera Palabra” (for three percussionists, comissioned by Neopercusión) will be performed in Segovia, in a concert with percussion music written by female composers.


I fell in love with the city last May, don’t hesitate to go, listen to good music and have a walk in Segovia’s old town if you are around!

Get Together 2018

I am very happy and honoured to say I am invited to attend to the next “Get Together” Workshop of South Hampton University (UK).

I am very excited and looking forward! Good news in a very busy month!