“New-Beethoven” Chorbuch

On this summer I worked on a new piece for Female Choir, for the new book “Chorbuch Beethoven”, which will be released next year due to Beethoven’s 250 anniversary.

In this book you will find some new pieces for Choir written by different composers, but all inspired in one of Beethoven’s Lieder. My piece is my own version of the Lied “an die Hoffnung” (Op. 32). It is a big pleasure to take part of this project and I am very thankful to Chorakademie Dortmund for the invitation!


Today in the Local Press of Osona-Ripollès (Catalonia) you can find an interview about me, under the topic living abroad and writing music.


“From Tona to Cologne”, interview by Aissata M’Ballo in el9nou, Monday 22nd of July of 2019.

Almost the Last of the year… Four Readers IV!

On the next Saturday 6th of July I have my last concert/performance of the year, and this time in Catalonia! It’s just funny that I coming from there but I premiered there almost nothing, so I am very happy that now the chance came again 🙂

So this time I am premiering there the fourth version of “four readers“, this time in Catalan, based on the book “Birnam” by Víctor Sunyol. Víctor is a fantastic author, and was actually my teacher of Catalan in Highschool, so it’s very nice to use his works for this fourth performance of the piece. And it makes it even more special, that I had the pleasure to work with three good friends that made a staging of the piece: Alba Font Villar, Cèlia Martínez Pladevall and Yula Chernykh. I am willing to see the result!

Captura de pantalla 2019-07-01 a la(s) 19.01.00

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Adventure ist vorbei!

Adventure project finished and with it almost my “concert season”. It was a really wonderful experience to work with such a great Ensemble as Musikfabrik!

Sara Cubarsi, Axel Porath, Elio Herrera, Florentin Ginot and the Soprano Elena Plaza premiered my very brief piece “Unterweisung im Singen”, after the text for Julio Cortázar. I am willing to post the recording!

pictures by Janet Sinica