(After some quiet days) Yesterday I sang with the vocal quartet “Scuola de l’Anima” in an event to collect money for the Syrian refugees. It was an honor to make music for this cause.

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Only hours left!


These days have been really amazing! We had several rehearsals with all the instrumental groups of “They are not talking about us” and we are ready for the premiere.

Here I give you one of the pictures of the general rehearsal of today’s morning in Mozart Concert hall (main Zaragoza Auditorium) and as we say in my mother-language catalan: ¡Molta merda!

4 days left

They are a part from Coro de Cámara del Csma (Chamber Choir of Superior Conservatory of Music or Aragón) and they will be singing They are not Talking about us the next 30th of November and 1st of December.

I have a very strong feeling with them; they are good friends of mine and I’ve been singing in this choir during my bachelor studies. Also, they premiered last April my piece “Aún dormimos. Diferencias sobre pasado y presente”. Even anyone of them is currently studying singing studies, Coro de Cámara has a very strong and pure sound and has participated in many recitals in Spain. Currently it is conducted by the spanish singer and choir conductor Elena Ruiz Ortega.

In my piece, the choir has many different roles. The only thing that happens in the whole piece is that que choir never sings understandable text. In the rehearsals, some listeners said that the choir is somehow the spine that makes all the colors of the wind orchestra and strings mix together.


(Coro de Cámara recording “O Magnum mysterium” by Tomás Luis de Victoria in Zaragoza, Luis Galve Concert hall)

5 days left

He is Emilio Lledó Iñigo, the spanish writer and philosopher. I have the Emilio-Lledo-EFE_ARAIMA20141118_0170_1honor to say that my work “They are not talking about us” is based on some os his texts.

Emilio Lledó has recently been awarded with several prizes; I chose his texts before I knew he was such an important writer. Usually, when I work with text, I ask advice to my father; in this case, he recommended me Lledó’s articles. Finally, after conversations with don Emilio, I decided to make my own text with fragments of his articles.

In this case, his texts talk about different situations of communication, in a political and social context. How do we react to a lie, talking without a listener, the censure,…

“Cuando una sociedad acaba sin saber que está instalada en la mentira es una sociedad muerta”

(When a society doesn’t know it is based in a lie, this society is dead)