“Just Living Matter” pictures

It was really intensive and, like always, now it’s over.

I am really proud of being part of “Just Living Matter” and of what happened on Saturday 29th in our premiere. It was a really really crazy intensive work but when you are on the stage with the right people, nothing wrong can happen.

I am willing to perform again with Just Living Matter team 🙂

Greta Salgado and Amanda Romero, performing, dance and concept

Ian Widmer, lights

Helena Cánovas, live electronics

Marcos Angeloti, pictures

Just Living Matter

After two very intensive weeks of working hard, on Saturday we will perform “Just Living Matter”.

Amanda Romero and Greta Salgado are two amazing dancers/performers based in Cologne who had the crazy idea to ask me to do the music of their amazing performance “Just Living Matter”. They had 3 months of residence in Tanzfaktur Köln to built a very intensive scene about the body as an amount of biological processes, not at all as a thinking person anymore.

Of course, I had to say yes to this amazing concept!

And on Saturday, at 20h we are premiering in Tanzfaktur (Köln)

-Greta Salgado & Amanda Romero : concept and performing

-Jan Widmer : light

-Helena Cánovas : live electronics


Komm vorbei!