zwei Gießkannen und die weißen Häusern [2018]

for three performers and water cans.

Premiered in AvantGarten Festival, Liedberg (Germany) on the 9th of September 2018.

video recording



it’s almost a lullaby [2018]

for Clarinet in Bb and Night Objects

Written for Ana Filipa Botelho, during the workshop “Get Together 2018” in Southampton University (UK).

Review of the piece here


four readers [2018]

Performance-piece for 4 performers, 4 chairs and 4 books.

IMG-20180627-WA0016 còpia

Premiered in Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, 26.06.18 by

Arnau Rovira Bascompte – Camila Mourkazel-Ortega – Veronika Paleeva – Ilja Gussarov

Video recording


i em trobo a mi mateixa caminant entre la boira [2018]

(and I find myself walking through the fog)

For Wind Ensemble (13 players)

Live Recording of the Premiere

Premiere: 1st of May of 2018 in Köln (Kölner Phillarmonie, Acht Brücken Festival). Performed by HfMT-Köln’s Wind Orchestra and conducted by Hamed Garschi.