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groc i boira finestra [2014]

(fog and window yellow)

For Alto Flute, Viola and Piano. After Guerrero’s “Si tus penas no pruebo”.

This brief work comes from “Si tus penas no pruevo” by Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599). I tried to start out with his incredible piece and work with its sound, its estructure, its feeling,… not only by quotation; but, nevertheless, not forgetting where I came from.

World premiere in Zaragoza, Eduardo del Pueyo Concert Hall, on 19th of January of 2015.

audio recording


Blanc [2014]

for Female Choir
Premiered 18th December 2014 – Huesca, CAI Concert hall



Housekeeping n. 1 [2014]

for percussion
Commission by Imma Parés (visual artist)
Premiered in October 2014 – Marsó Vell Exhibition Center



Talking to G. Braque [2014]


for 4 pianos, 21 actors and live electronics
Premiered in June 2014 – Zaragoza, Eduardo del Pueyo


batega tot i tot està aturat [2014]
(everything beats and everything stands still)

for quintet (Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Violoncello)

World premiere in Tel Aviv, Ran Baron Concert Hall, by the musicians of the Meitar Ensemble and the Tedarim project. Final concert for Contemporary Encounters II Course on the 31st of May of 2014.

audio recording


There is a chair [2014]


[designed by Alba Font Villar]

Conceptual project (Nov. 2013 – Mar. 2014)

“There is a chair” was a Conceptual project in which a chair became the main character. It was a critical experiment about the influence of social media in arts. “There is a chair” was supose to happen in the Conservatory of Aragón. Some of the students were involved and they had to act as fans of a brand new faked artistic movement in which one chair was doing some actions. The experiment was about how people reacted to that faked avantgarde movement.


Scene 8 – Resucita Loto [2013]

Pasticcio opera composed by students of Composition at CSMA
Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón [Zaragoza. Spain]

Scene for Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Tenor and Septet (Ob., Cl., Hn., Vlns. Vla., Vc.)

video recording