Slow motions [2016]

for String quartet

Premiered the 18th of May of 2016 – Néstor Lasala, Natalia María Callejo, Clara Mascaró and Clara Aucejo – CSMA, Eduardo del Pueyo Concert hall (graduation concert).

Slow motions (2016) was written about the idea of human body while playing an instrument, focused in the effort made by the players. This short piece is built of every tiny little geasture the players do.


Aún dormirmos II. Jo canto, canto amb ells. [2016]

For mixed choir and tape


Premiered the 18th of May of 2016 by Csma’s Chamber Choir – Elena Ruiz Ortega, conducting – Bernardo Pérez, electronics – CSMA, Eduardo del Pueyo Concert hall (Graduation Concert).

This piece is a revisitation of my work “Aún dormimos. Diferencias sobre pasado y presente”, written in 2015. In this work there’s a dialog between both pieces, between the recorded and the live choir.


Last night I was listening. in Mantova li 22 d’Agosto. [2016]

for big ensemble (fl., cl., cl., fg., bass tbn., tba., pno., pno., acc., vla. I, vla. II, vc. I, vc. II)


Premiered in Zaragoza the 9th of May of 2016. Ensemble of Academia de la Nueva Música (CSMA) – Eduardo del Pueyo Concert hall (Zaragoza).

Second performance the 18th of May of 2016 on my graduation concert.


Talking to H. Richter [2016]

Music for Hans Richter’s shortfilm “Filmstudie” (1926).

For flute (María del Barrio), clarinet (Adriana Callau), violin (Natalia María Callejo) and piano (María Elvira). Recorded and mixed in Zaragoza.

Premiere in Zaragoza the 5th of May of 2016 – Eduardo del Pueyo Concert hall.