Ah, dolente partita

(Claudio Monteverdi in memoriam)
(June – July 2013)

Premiere in Zaragoza, Eduardo del Pueyo Concert Hall, on 6th of March of 2014.
Flute: David Martín
Bass Clarinet in Bb: Anna Ferrandis
Violin: Berta Ares
Viola: Clara Mascaró
Violoncello: Mikel Elgezabal
Piano: Gonzalo Fernández
Soprano I: Elena Salvatierra
Soprano II: Sara Millán
Alto: Helena Cánovas
Tenor: Daniel Buendía
Bass: Alberto Arroyo
Conducting: Jorge Nicolás Manrique

video recording

“Ah dolente partita” was also performed in Dresdener Hochschule “Carl Maria von Weber” on November 2014.


This piece is a reinterpretation of Claudio Monteverdi’s “Ah, dolente partita!” madrigal –on a text by Battista Guarini–. The composer mainly aims to share her own vision of the meaning of this madrigal, through some quotations of the original piece and their deconstructions. Besides, at a certain point of the performance, the players leave their instruments aside to act between or with the music, reciting the lyrics from the madrigal to the audience as if they were a choir of mysterious ghosts.
This work represents the duality of traditional quotation and contemporary music, which join to create a dark and intriguing spirit.


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