Primera Palabra

About forgiveness, after Ashley’s words

Written for Neopercusión. For 3 percussionists (snare drum and tam-tam).

Winner of the Call for Works of the III European Meeting of Contemporary Percussion.

Live audio recording by Neopercusión

Video recording by Ensemble TMC

Premiere: 6th of March of 2017 in Madrid (Auditorio 400, Museo Reina Sofia).

Concerts: 9.03.2018 in Segovia (Ensemble TMC); 31.03.2018 in El Escorial (Neopercusión). 14.07.2019 in Xàbia (Spain) – III European Meeting of Contemporary Percussion.


“Primera palabra –based in the text ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing’ (Luke 23:34)– is built into the idea of forgiveness, both the action and its context. For three percussionists but using a really reduced set, in this work an amount of irregular, imprecise and human geastures coexist to create an always-growing mass.

This piece was also inspired by the American artist Ashley Paul, who lived in residence with the composer, and her vision about how the mistake and the doubt can be incited and be treated like sound material.

“I saw this incredible beauty in the act of failing” – Ashley Paul, Etopía, 21st December 2016

Slow motions

for String quartet

Premiered the 18th of May of 2016 – Néstor Lasala, Natalia María Callejo, Clara Mascaró and Clara Aucejo – CSMA, Eduardo del Pueyo Concert hall (graduation concert).

Slow motions (2016) was written about the idea of human body while playing an instrument, focused in the effort made by the players. This short piece is built of every tiny little geasture the players do.

Noche oscura

(introduction, transitions and finale)
for Chamber Ensemble and speaker

Co-work in collaboration with Rodrigo Ortiz, Diego Jiménez, Carolina Cerezo and Adrián García. Commission by OCAZ-Enigma.
Based on the homonymous poem by San Juan de la Cruz
Premiered 13th April 2015 – OCAZ Enigma and Rafael Campos – Zaragoza, Luis Galve Concert hall

Flute – Fernando Gómez
Oboe – Javier Belda
Clarinet – Emilio Ferrando
Horn – Amadeo Catalá
Piano – Juan Carlos Segura
Violin – Víctor Parra
Viola – Carlos Seco
Violoncello – Zsolt G. Tottzer
Double Bass – Esteve Colomés
Reciter – Rafael Campos
Conductor – Juan José Olives

video recording

groc i boira finestra

(fog and window yellow)

World premiere in Zaragoza, Eduardo del Pueyo Concert Hall, on 19th of January of 2015.
G Flute: Marta Gómez
Viola: Carolina Uriz
Piano: Sandra Lanuza
Conducting: Helena Cánovas

audio recording


This brief work comes from “Si tus penas no pruevo” by Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599). I tried to start out with his incredible piece and work with its sound, its estructure, its feeling,… not only by quotation; but, nevertheless, not forgetting where I came from.

batega tot i tot està aturat

batega tot i tot està aturat
(everything beats and everything stands still)
(March – May 2014)

World premiere in Tel Aviv, Ran Baron Concert Hall, by the musicians of the Meitar Ensemble and the Tedarim project. Final concert for Contemporary Encounters II Course on the 31st of May of 2014.
Alto Flute: Anat Nazarathy
Bass Clarinet: Gilad Harel
Violin: Carmel Raz
Violoncello: Yoni Gotlibovich
Piano: Omri Abram
Conducting: Helena Cánovas Parés

audio recording