Film and Audiovisual Interactive Installation

Composed in September 2016 – May 2017, during an artistic residence period in “Etopia – Center for Arts and Technology” (Zaragoza), into “FUGA – Exploraciones Sonoras” programm (directed by Santiago Latorre and Eduardo Pérez Bona).

Film (22’). Idea, artistic directon and music by Helena Cánovas. Work in collaboration with Miguel Carmona Oro. Premiered in Zaragoza, 18th May 2017.

– Audiovisual Interactive Installation. Idea and programming (Max/MSP/Jitter) by Helena Cánovas. Inaugurated in Zaragoza, 18th May 2017. In exhibition from May to August 2017.


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Talking to H. Richter

Music for Hans Richter’s shortfilm “Filmstudie” (1926).

For flute (María del Barrio), clarinet (Adriana Callau), violin (Natalia María Callejo) and piano (María Elvira). Recorded and mixed in Zaragoza.

Premiere in Zaragoza the 5th of May of 2016 – Eduardo del Pueyo Concert hall.

Untitled Shapes

for Soprano saxophone, video and tape

work in collaboration with Alba Font and Martí Llavina (VLA Collective)

Commission by Joan Jordi Oliver Arcos
Premiere: 20th May 2015 – Joan Jordi Oliver Arcos – Wien, Hochschule für Musik

Concerts: June/July 2015 (Campos, Art nit), September 2015 (Zaragoza, Radical dB Festival), April 2017 (Zürich), May 2017 (Mallorca, Fundación Pilar i Joan Miró),… always performed by Joan Jordi Oliver.



In this work we play between the ideas of figurative and abstractedness in human perception. This duality is represented in the visual medium as in the sound medium, reproducing images and sounds that can be recognisable or abstract to us.
¿Is it useful to try to understand the meaning of what is abstract?

¿Is it possible not to recognise what is figurative?

In 2014 Helena Cánovas Parés (composer), Alba Font Villar (audio-visual designer) and Martí Llavina Costa (graduated in media and communication) founded VLA Colletive to create together works where image converges with sound. In each piece, these three artists work simultaneously in collaboration in order to develop all the possibilities and combinations that image and sound can offer.