for Spoken Voice
Composed on January 2015 but premiered with Núria Vinyals Roca on the 4th of December of 2018 in HfMT-Köln.

Video recording


“Monólogo” is a brief piece for solo spoken voice. In “Monólogo” I tried to focus in sound aspects of the spoken voice, and avoiding the meaning of any word or language.

That is a topic that began in this work remain very strongly on my own aesthetics for the moment: the spoken voice (sound , rhythm, theatricality, …).

four readers

four readers are theatrical pieces written for four perfomers, 4 chairs and 4 books. Every piece has only this elements. Every piece is different.


four readers I was premiered in Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, 26.06.18 by

Arnau Rovira Bascompte – Camila Mourkazel-Ortega – Veronika Pau – Ilja Gussarov

Video recording


four readers II was performed in the Nielher Freiheit (Köln) during the festival Freie Performance Kultur #3 by

Arnau Rovira i Bascompte – Ana Camón Botella – Sofía Martínez – Helena Cánovas i Parés


four readers III was performed on my Abschlusskonzert. Köln 08.06.19 by

Nicole Schwabeska – Elena Plaza – Arnau Rovira i Bascompte – Helena Cánovas i Parés



four readers IV (in catalan) was performed in “Festus 2019, Festival de Teatre Alternatiu” in Torelló (Catalonia) on the 06.07.19. The piece was created in collaboration with Alba Font Villar, Cèlia Martínez Pladevall and Yula Chernykh. Performed by

Aina Constanso – Dídac Humà – Jordi Cuesta – Ivet Sbatsko

Video recording


They are not talking about us

for Wind Orchestra, Strings, Choir and Soprano

On a text by Emilio Lledó Iñigo

Commission by Miquel Rodrigo. Dedicated to Miquel Rodrigo, Llanos Martinez and Elena Ruiz
Premiered 30th November 2015 – Miquel Rodrigo conducting Csma’s Sinfonietta, María de los Llanos and Coro de Cámara del Csma – Zaragoza, Mozart Concert hall. “Ciclo conciertos de Otoño”

Concerts: 1.12.2015 (Zaragoza, Auditorio Eduardo del Pueyo, Miquel Rodrigo conducting Csma’s Sinfonietta, María de los Llanos and Coro de Cámara del Csma); 06.05.2017 (Segovia, Vicente Uñón conducting Ensemble TMC, Mónica Luz)


“They are not talking about us” was the biggest piece I composed during my Composition studies. It is based on texts by the Spanish philosopher Emilio Lledó which I took and reorder to create a new structure. The piece is about a land which had a dark past and now has no hope, despite the times might be better. In this work the use of the voice in the instrumental ensemble was an important topic, such as the aim of creating theatrical geastures.

Aún dormimos

Diferencias sobre pasado y presente

for Mixed Choir
Commission by the Government of Aragón. Dedicated to Elena Ruiz Ortega and Coro de Cámara del Csma.
Premiered 19th April 2015 – Coro de Cámara del Csma – Alfranca’s Palace

“Aún dormimos. Diferencias sobre pasado y presente” was the first work in which I explored and included theatrical geastures. The piece is about the character of ‘don Quijote’, as it was a commission to celebrate the 200 anniversary of Cervantes’ second book.

Noche oscura

(introduction, transitions and finale)
for Chamber Ensemble and speaker

Co-work in collaboration with Rodrigo Ortiz, Diego Jiménez, Carolina Cerezo and Adrián García. Commission by OCAZ-Enigma.
Based on the homonymous poem by San Juan de la Cruz
Premiered 13th April 2015 – OCAZ Enigma and Rafael Campos – Zaragoza, Luis Galve Concert hall

Flute – Fernando Gómez
Oboe – Javier Belda
Clarinet – Emilio Ferrando
Horn – Amadeo Catalá
Piano – Juan Carlos Segura
Violin – Víctor Parra
Viola – Carlos Seco
Violoncello – Zsolt G. Tottzer
Double Bass – Esteve Colomés
Reciter – Rafael Campos
Conductor – Juan José Olives

video recording