by Ester Cánovas, April 2017

Born in Tona, Barcelona (18th October 1994)

She began her music studies at the age of five, singing in her school choir. After some years of private piano studies, in 2009 she passed the entrance exam of Conservatori Professional de Música de Vic (Emvic-Cmvic), where she was awarded with “Neus Miralpeix” prize in excellence. There she took piano and organ lessons, as she sang in several non-professional choirs; furthermore, she wrote and premiered her early works there too.

In 2012 she finished her Highschool in Arts studies as she left Emvic in order to begin her Bachelor in Composition in Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón. During this late studies she attend to several masterclasses with composers such as Beat Furrer, Sofia Gubaidulina, Tristan Murail, Chaya Czernowin, Ivan Fedele or Alberto Posadas among others; in addition she attends to composition lessons under the pupil of Agustín Charles, José María Sánchez Verdú, Juan José Eslava, Irene Galindo and Alberto Bernal. As well she has been commissioned to write several pieces, in spite of her age, and has premiered works in Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia, Pamplona, Donosti, Salamanca, Huesca and Dresden, Tel Aviv or Wien. Currently she works as composer in residence in ‘Etopia – Center of Art and Technology’ (Zaragoza) into “Fuga – exploraciones sonoras” team.

In her early composition years, she was commissioned to write some music for Theatre plays such as “The Merchanter of Venice” by William Shakespeare. This kind of works will inspire her in the future. Currently she is interested in theatre in new music, and her aim is to explore the field of corporal expression in her music. Also she is interested in the relationship between composer (or any kind of “artist”) and audience and this will be an important topic in her music too. Works such as “groc i boira finestra”, “Never there. Talking to Macbeth” or “There is a chair” will show this interests.

Also, because of she began her music studies singing, voice is another main topic in her work; not only in the sense of writing for singers. In 2015 she wrote her main work in this aspect: “They are not talking about us” in which she meditated and worked on words by the Spanish writer and philosopher Emilio Lledó Iñigo to draw a piece about the way and perception of communication in our society. This piece was premiered in Zaragoza’s main Concert hall and had a great success.